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8. Body structural re-alignment to activate self- healing power
Our body is an organic whole. Our spine is the centerpiece of our body structure and is closely related to our physical functions and mental emotions. The balance of our body structure, physical functions and mental emotions is very important in maintaining healthy physical and mental state.

Joints and spine problems will not only affect the bones and tendons alone, but also internal organs. All spine, pelvic and internal organs problems have to be taken into consideration in TCM treatment. A body’s healing power can be recovered and activated through structural re-alignment.

TCM structural re-alignment technique, combined with modern medical science ,has been proven to be an effective treatment. The technique revolves around our muscle and bone structures as well as the body’s natural curves. The application of gentle and painless techniques together with the help of the natural recovery power of the muscular and skeleton structure will re-align the pelvic, spine and the muscles.

Treating the lower body to address problems on the upper body is one of the fundamental characteristics of TCM aliment. Clinically, neck stiffness would be treated at the lower vertebrates; problems in the stomach region such as gastro-intestinal disorder, genealogical problems and impotence are also possibly closely related to pelvic structural imbalance and spine problems. Through structural re-alignment, internal organ problems can be treated as well.

Participation of the patients in the treatment is important in speeding up the recovery process. By changing one’s life style, being more aware of right posture and doing regular unique exercises will eventually enhance the conditions of the spine and the pelvic. Regular and continuous exercise under the guidance of the practitioners must be maintained.




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