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7. The importance of PH balance
PH balance of the body is important. The basic idea is to reverse the body’s ‘acidity’ to maintain good health. When the body is acidic, our immune system will over-react, allergic symptoms such as sneezing, running nose and sensitive skin will subsequently appear. Muscle aches and poor sleep may also be related to the body’s PH imbalance. What’s worse, PH imbalance will also result in poor immune response to pathogenic invaders,making one more vulnerable to illnesses.

Moreover, PH imbalance will result in the inactivity of the body’s enzymes, causing malfunction of the cells, which can change the composition of the blood and damage the walls of the veins and arteries. Common cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and gout are the results of these changes. Cancerous cells development is also one of the dire consequences.

Why is our body prone to be acidic? The reason lies in what we consumed. For example, food that is heavy in protein and fat or too much sugar and starch can result in one’s body turning acidic. This could cause a series of health issues.

To maintain the body’s PH balance is thus important to health. Eating more vegetables, drinking plenty of alkaline water and exercising regularly are strongly recommended.



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