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4. Understanding the balance between mental and physical health
Recent researches and clinical trials have focused on relationship between mind and body. Emotional factor, largely ignored in the past, is now viewed as a critical element in the determination of one’s health.

When our body is sick, negative thoughts and emotions set in and when that happens over a period of time, it will eventually take a toll on our body. Feelings and emotions such as disappointment in oneself, guilt, past physical problems, sense of loss, frustration, anger towards other people and society and even inability to meet the expectations from loved ones are examples of emotional stress. All these can cause disturbance and damage to our mind and body.

Emotional disturbance is caused by ‘unhealthy’ beliefs, hence establishing positive thinking habits and a healthy belief system will reduce or eliminate the damaging effects of negative thoughts and beliefs, paving the way to a healthy mind-body.

Science has proved that between our nerve system tussock in intestinal muscle, there is a special nerve system called intestinal autonomic nervous system. It secretes a kind of neurotransmitter which also exists in our brain. This neurotransmitter is a steroid like hormone called 5-HT. This one plays a dual role in our system. This huge network of nerve, endocrine and immune system is called ‘brain - intestine axis’, coordinating the normal function of our nerves, mental well-being, and digestive system function. When either of our brain or intestine ‘malfunctions’, the other one will be affected too. For example, when people are under stress, indigestion and Irritable Bowl Syndrome are likely to develop. This is the fundamental reason behind the increase of digestive problems in recent years.



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