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2. Changing sub clinical condition to achieve a healthy state
It is not uncommon for many to be subjected to a fast pace of life (work stress, lack of rest and exercise, poor eating habits etc), coupled with high exposure to harmful environmental factors (chemical contamination, air pollution etc). Work efficiency and quality of life are inevitably affected. Constant exposure to such is likely to affect one’s health to what we called “sub clinical condition”.

Sub clinical condition refers to an individual being unhealthy but yet not striken with a critical illness. Symptoms include fatigue, lack of concentration, headache, dizziness, poor sleep, breathlessness, hand or foot numbness, chest congestion, stiffness on the neck and shoulder, depression etc.

According to a WHO study, healthy people only accounted for 5% of the total population whereas people diagnosed with various diseases constituted 20%. The vast majority of 75% of the population falls into the ‘sub clinical’ category.

Sub clinical condition is usually the warning signal to the onset of chronicle diseases. Shortage of blood supply to the heart, insomnia and nervousness are all signs setting the stage for the development of high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.


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