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1. Emphasis on the Importance of both Prevention and Treatment
For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has always put much emphasis on prevention. TCM believe that as long as our internal ‘Qi’ is circulating well, disease cannot invade us easily. However, should disease occur in our body, the ‘qi’ will be weakened. TCM thus focuses on enhancing “Defensive Qi” in daily life to minimize occurrence of diseases.

It is thus imperative that for one to prevent any onset of diseases, one should constantly seek to lead a balanced lifestyle with proper diet, adequate rest and regular exercise.

Two factors should be evaluated:

1) Treatment before occurrence of any illnesses;
2) Better understanding, acceptance and rectification of the consequences and development of illnesses.

Take obesity for example. The treatment of such should take into account blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid irregularities in entirety as all of these factors are metabolic syndrome.

As for digestive system illness, the diagnosis and treatment revolves around the immune system symptoms such as sinus problem, asthma and skin allergies. Mental depression and anxiety development should also be considered. The holistic treatment of such not only helps in boosting one’s immunity but also alleviate further development of other diseases.



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