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1)I was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes in April 2007 and have been taking Metformin since then. Although my HbA1C remains at 7.2 %, I was still tired all the time, frequently had headache and body aches, poor sleep everyday especially during my period. I knew I must improve my overall condition not only the blood sugar level. I tried out the TCM with Dr. Sophie Wang who prescribed customized herbal medicine based on my condition. Soon I started to see the improvement after 2 weeks consumption of herbal medicine. More energetic during the work, all pains gone, much better sleep and my period has been restored to its regular cycle. I’m happy with the TCM treatment and will continue to take it as a maintainess regime.

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2)My years of battling labile hypertension (wild swings in blood pressure) with Western medications alone met with limited success, and sometimes caused further side effects like giddiness, headaches and breathlessness. Doctors conducted several scans but (thankfully) did not detect any visible signs of heart or lung disease.

Yet, lethargy and periodic chest pains were affecting my quality of life. I decided to turn to TCM as a complementary treatment. Through a series of consultations, acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Dr Cao addressed an imbalance in my 'fire' and 'water', which govern the cardiovascular and urinary systems respectively. She also taught me that my Type A personality creates stagnation of liver 'qi' or energy and affects overall circulation or vitality.

My condition has improved significantly since starting the TCM treatments. A recent Helicobacter pylori bacterial infection of the gut has retarded the treatment regimen, but Dr Cao factored this in and is adjusting the Chinese herbal formulas accordingly.

I am still working towards my goal of managed hypertension and a better quality of life in my golden years. With Dr Cao (and the Western-trained doctors who look after me), I am confident of attaining this goal very soon.

Thumboo Sujata

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3)I am glad to share my experiences with TCM treatment that I received in Singapore. I have been suffering recurring symptoms like trapped wind and heat in my digestive tract, extremely abdominal pain and it keeps waking me up during the night. I have to change my clothes due to excessive sweating almost every night. I felt an inner heat forming in my belly and it is gradually surging up to my chest. I also felt a dry pain in my nose. The symptoms got worse that it was seriously disturbing my sleep and life. Finally I felt terrified and going to bed became my “nightmare”.

I went to the hospital in Germany for several check ups and the doctors found that I suffer from gastritis problems and HP infection in my stomach. I had tried antibiotics and some other medications which worked nothing for me. I consulted doctor to doctor until my son who is working in Singapore referred me to his TCM doctor, Dr. Bei Cao at Yisheng TCM Clinic. With Dr. Cao, I understood my problems in TCM point of view which gave me an inner peace. I finally found someone who would help me.

I went through the TCM diagnosis method and it was an illuminating experience. Dr. Cao prescribed herbal medicine for me and I underwent her acupuncture treatments. For the period of two weeks, I experienced some positive reactions in my body day by day and gradually the situation turned better, my sleep was improved.

Before I went back to Germany, I have already seen some improvement which makes me felt more confident with TCM treatment. Even though sometimes some symptoms still bother me on and off but I felt mentally and physically better. Dr. Cao prescribed one more month herbal medicine and advised me to carry on with herbal medicine patiently which I completely agreed with.

I am now feeling good! Sleep is without any disturbance. The pain and heaty sensations had gone completely. Almost every symptom that I used to suffer had gone. I am much happier now that I am feeling so much better. My everyday life has improved tremendously. I would like to express my appreciation for the TCM treatment.

Horst Hamer

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4)I have been diagnosed with breast cancer recurrence & am currently on chemo therapy. I am very grateful to have met Dr. Sophie Wang who was recommended by another Cancer survivor in Singapore. My first impression when I met Dr. Wang at Yi Sheng TCM Clinic was her unique approach to treat me in mind & body which I believe is truly important. Her medical knowledge with the western & Chinese medicine is a great asset. I also find her to be a natural, caring & supportive person which is a major contribution towards my healing.

I am very glad to add that the side effects from chemo therapy are tolerable due to my TCM treatment with Dr. Sophie Wang, with each session of herbal medicine and acupuncture, my headache and rashes was subsided and the stamina was restored, I resumed better sleep and appetite. TCM has made a great contribution to the situation.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Best Wishes,
NSW, Australia

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